About Me

Hi, I’m Marilyn

I love my work. I’m grateful to be on a Path with heart that expresses my life’s purpose.  Although I consciously chose this way of helping back in the early 70’s, I can’t help but wonder if the Path really chose me.

Maybe it all started in third grade when I wanted to be both a nun and a professional baseball player.  Or perhaps my Near Death Experience as a pre-teen was my initiation onto this Path of helping others, curiosity about spirituality and devotion to the Mystery.

What I know for sure is that being of service in this particular way brings me joy, creativity and a profound sense of meaning.

I’ve spent years in school studying psychology, counseling, and spirituality.  I’ve had decades of clinical experience to hone my skills. I am grateful to mentors, teachers and guides, both traditional and non-traditional, who have helped shape my art of deep listening and compassionate presence.

As I look back over the years I would have to say that my clients have been my greatest teachers.  I remember and honor all those who came to my office, found sanctuary to do their work, and returned, renewed to their life.  Hour after hour, story after story, my clients and I have found the treasures buried in their experience.  I, now, carry that collective wisdom gleaned from witnessing so many people triumph over adversity.

My clients tend to be introspective, sensitive, and willing to go deep.  Many are grieving a loss in their life. Many have an interest in things spiritual, but not necessarily religion. They could be healers, parents, professional helpers, LGBTQA, artists.  They usually want to know themselves better so they can make different choices.  They often want freedom from cultural, religious, or familial beliefs that no longer serve them. I am open, flexible and enjoy responding to the variety of situations and the uniqueness in people who find me.

I have faith that you, too, can wrestle with and grow from challenging life circumstances.  You can learn to navigate your own inner world and personality dynamics.  You can heal from your past and create a new future.

If you want details about my qualifications, training and educational background, click here.

Behind the Scenes:

I cherish being a mom, grandmother,sister, daughter, friend.

I’ve learned important lessons from marriage, divorce, coming out, partnership.

My three adult kids, their partners, grandkids and my grandpets keep me laughing.

I am an explorer of spirituality, mystical things, intuitive arts. I love symbols, metaphors and creating rituals.

I am a certified Chinese Qigong Instructor and I’m interested in energetic empowerment.

I play guitar, volunteer for Hospice, rescue dogs, enjoy Asian art, write an occasional poem and keep a good book close by.  Always.

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