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Individual Counseling & Therapy:

We meet in my Tacoma office. Bring all of who you are: mind, body, emotion, spirit. We will explore your past, present circumstances that are challenging and next steps toward your future. I use traditional and non-traditional approaches to help you with healing.

Counseling phone sessions only available for WA state residents.

Cost: $150 per 55 min. session; $175 initial session.

I accept cash, checks, credit or debit cards. Payment due at time of service.

For more information about how to get started with counseling, check out my Counseling page and I will walk you through the steps.

If we have talked on the phone and scheduled an initial session, please go to Counseling Forms.  Print and fill out the forms and bring to your first session.

If you are curious about using the mental health benefit of your health insurance, go to Insurance for Counseling. You will need to have “medical necessity” and enough symptoms for a mental health diagnosis in order to access your benefit.


Telephone Coaching for Grief :

This option is for you if you live outside of the state of Washington and you want my help with bereavement, grief and loss. I am a master certified Shift Your Grief™Coach.

Coaching is different than traditional counseling. It’s focused on the present and future and doesn’t dive deeply into your past. It’s a collaborative process that can help clarify what you want/need to move forward. It’s for you if you want some extra support with grief.

Sessions are generally held on the phone.

Fee: $150 for a 55 minute session. Payment is due via Paypal upon scheduling.

Go to Coaching for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Email me for questions

If we’ve scheduled an initial session, please go to Coaching Forms. Fill them out and send to me via email.



I offer Shift Your Grief™ groups and other types of support groups in my office.

Email me for more information about groups or Sign up for my mailing list.


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