Thanksgiving, Cemetery Walking and Adele

December 4, 2015

What do these three things have in common?

On the surface they describe my Thanksgiving day with my family.
We had a delicious dinner prepared by the Next Generation.
After eating, we took the dogs for a walk in the cemetery next door.
It was dark.
Really dark, with only a bit of moonlight and smartphones to guide our steps.
As I walked amongst the graves,
I thanked the dead for their lives and wished them well.
We returned home to watch utube videos of Adele’s new “Hello” song.
We laughed our heads off at SNL spoofs and cats on underwater treadmills.
We were a happy bunch.

As I listened to Adele sing to us about her grief,
I realized that everyone gathered for this Thanksgiving event
had experienced a big loss of some kind this past year.
And yet, there we were.
Happy to be together.
Grateful for love, connection and family.

Gratitude and Grief.
“Two sisters” is how Francis Weller describes them.
These two sisters were present at our Thanksgiving.

Therein lies the deeper meaning of:
“Thanksgiving, Cemetery Walking and Adele”.

How are these two sisters showing up at your holidays?



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