After Death Connections

Some time may have passed. Reality is here and it hurts.
You’re not sure who you are anymore.
You’re questioning things you used to believe.
You’re trying to figure out how to do your life without them.
You go back and forth between numb and feeling.
You wonder how to ride the waves of grief without drowning.
You’re afraid you’re stuck and won’t ever feel happy again.

You have memories. Some upset you. Many make you smile.
You tell stories about them when you can.
Or maybe you don’t miss them at all.
Your relationship was difficult.
You’re left with unfinished business and complicated feelings.

Is this it? Is this the end of your relationship?
It doesn’t have to be.
You can create a new kind of relationship with them.
You can heal what needs healing between you.

However long it’s been, you probably miss your person.
You may have already experienced an after-death communication,
It can take many forms.
Maybe you had a dream.
Or sensed their presence.
Maybe something funky happened with your electronics.
Or you felt a touch and no one was visible.

I bet you’ve been cautious about who you tell,
for fear they’ll think you’re crazy.
Or maybe you’ve told yourself
“I’m only imaging things”

I believe you. I believe you.

Perhaps you haven’t yet had a connection experience
and you want to learn how.

I can help you learn to connect with your beloved
in your own way.
I can help you make a bridge to them.

You can experience the peace and joy
that comes from connecting with them.

Research shows that continuing your relationship
in a new way and having connection experiences
will help you shift your grief more quickly.

Ask me how you can experience
the Joy of Connecting.


© 2019 All Rights Reserved | Marilyn Boyle