What happens after we die?

Is there life after death?

Will we see our loved ones again?

Where are they?

Wondering about these questions is a natural part of the grief process.

There are all kinds of opinions.
Every major world religion has a belief in life after death.
Non-traditional spiritual systems and practices
offer alternative perspectives.
Western mainstream science? Nada.

You get to come up with your own answer.

That answer may be changing if someone you love died
or you are contemplating your own death.

I know it changed for me.
I didn’t think much about the Afterlife,
until my mom was on hospice.
A Near Death Experience (NDE) as a kid
gave me a taste of what’s After
and left me without fear of death.
I had long since banished religious notions of heaven and hell.
I ‘d been content to believe in the soul’s survival
with hope for some kind of mystical union.

After she died I became intensely curious about “What’s Next?”
I opened my mind-heart and began a journey of exploration.
I devoured books, attended workshops, went to an Afterlife Conference.
I learned to do past life regressions, explored lucid dreaming and OBE’s.
I went to mediums and sought out mentoring
I took classes to develop my intuition. I am studying shamanism.
These questions took me on a journey that helped me with grief.

Now it’s your turn:

What do you think happens when we die?

Where do those beliefs come from?

Are there other spiritual or religious beliefs about the Afterlife
that you want to explore?

Do you think it’s possible to connect with your deceased loved ones?

Have you experienced an After Death Communication? (ADC)

I can meet you wherever you are on your own journey with these questions.
I can support your exploration as you wrestle with what makes sense to you.

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“if you’re asking a question, you still believe in a future”.

Jane Hirshfield

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