Obituary for my Landline

November 30, 2015

“But you had it for 31 years”, the customer rep said to me.

“Yeah, I know.” I almost changed my mind right there and then, but I was resolved.

I have been putting off this act. I warned my kids a year ago. I reminded them again recently. It was time.

As I waited for her to walk me through the steps to disconnect my phone, I thought of all the memories associated with it. The life lived and stories conveyed via that phone number.

All the good news shared.

Everyday conversations with friends and family.

Condolences given and received.

Kids giggling with their friends as they huddled away in private places of the house to talk.

I realized it really isn’t about the phone number. There’s nothing magical about that particular sequence of digits. But what is magical is how that number served my family as a line of connection to people we loved. It was all about connection.

Thank you 253 752-xxxx. May the next customer in line benefit as we did.

And, as is typical after a death, new stories are shared.

“Mom, I’ll miss being able to prank call you on that phone. Some you know about; some you don’t”.

I could only laugh!

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