Guided Afterlife Connections Intensive

There are different ways you can work on creating a new kind of relationship with your person who has passed. This particular Guided Afterlife Connections protocol was created by Rochelle Wright, MS, a certified psychotherapist in Washington State.  She created it to help her clients who are grieving a a death loss that occurred at least 1 year ago.   She discovered that their anguish was significantly reduced after connecting with their loved one.  Previously upsetting grief memories were no longer distressing.

She has trained other licensed psychotherapists in her method.  I’m one of them. 

When I am doing this particular style of work with clients, I am in the role of facilitator.  The connection comes through to the client as they sit quietly with their eyes closed.  It happens between them and their loved one.  They tell me what they are experiencing.  I have the skill, intuition and spiritual wisdom to help guide, deepen and strengthen the connection. 

It takes 4-6 hours in a one day session.  It is a simple and relaxing process that uses bilateral stimulation procedures.  The client listens to meditation music through earphones as they tell the story of their person’s death and share any difficult grief memories.  The music’s volume alternates between the left and right ears to provide bilateral stimulation to both sides of the brain.  This helps people reprocess the memories and reduces, if not eliminates, their level of distress.  Specific eye movements are also used later in the process to help deal with an emotionally charged memory. 

Following these bilateral stimulation procedures not only helps with grief.  It also helps the client to reach a receptive state of mind that is more open for an afterlife connection with their loved one.  

It is a positive and healing experience for grieving people.  It changes lives and encourages forward movement. Rochelle has observed that these changes are stable over time. 

Although a connection experience isn’t “guaranteed”, she states that 95% of the time people connect with their loved one. At the very least, grief symptoms will be reduced and become more tolerable. 

As a Shift Your Grief™ coach and psychotherapist, I am excited about learning another technique that can help people create a new kind of relationship with their loved one and shift into more peaceful and joyful states of being. 

You can read more about the process in the book she co-authored with Dr Craig Hogan in 2011,  “Guided Afterlife Connections”.







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