Shift Your Grief™ Group for Women Who Have Lost a Parent


This group is for you whether your parent died recently or long ago.


The death of your parent can be one of the biggest experiences of your life. It just is. No matter what kind of relationship you had with them. It stirs things up.

Your grieving process is unique to you. You can feel shattered and struggle with intense emotion or strangely numb, not bothered much at all.

But for all of us it is a rite of passage. We come out on the other side, changed and with a new identity. Grief can lead to healing and transformation. It can open your heart to living life differently.



Women who've lost a parent











Join other women for support while taking more steps on your journey into your new life after your parent’s death. We will use art, music, writing, guided imagery and ritual as tools to help you shift your grief. You will feel grounded, peaceful and more connected with your Deep Mind and your loved one.


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Shift Your Grief™ Group for Women Who Have Lost a Parent:

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