Grief Workshops for Mother’s and Father’s Day

lilies Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated during the months of May and June.

If you have lost a parent or a child, you know that these celebrations can be difficult.

Three different Shift Your Grief™ workshops give you an opportunity to be with others who get what it’s like to be grieving on Mother’s or Father’s Day.

lotusYou will be part of a small group in a safe space where you can:

  • Honor the loving bond between you and your loved one.
  • Connect with and remember your parent or child.
  • Participate in a guided meditation, simple art activity and ritual.
  • Tap into compassion, courage & hope.
  • Leave feeling lighter and more peaceful after this gentle time of connecting.


Shift Your Grief™ Workshop:  Grieving Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Saturday May 9th, 10:30am – Noon.  Cost: $30.  Limited to 6 people.


Shift Your Grief™ Workshop:   Grieving Your Dad on Father’s Day:

Saturday,  June 20th,  10:30am – Noon.  Cost:  $30.  Limited to 6 people.


Shift Your Grief™ Workshop:  for Parents Grieving the Death of a Child

Saturday, May 2nd,  10:30am – Noon.   Cost: $30.  Limited to 6 people.


Each workshop will be held in my downtown Tacoma office:  917 Pacific Ave, Suite 406, 98402


For questions and to pre-register, please email or call me: / 253-572-7926    



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