Pet Loss

You are a grieving pet owner
and your heart has been broken
by the loss of your pet.
Maybe many times.

You might be afraid that you will be
judged or criticized for your grief.

Well meaning friends and family
might say, “Don’t feel bad, it was
only a cat (dog, rabbit, horse…)
or, “You can always get another one.”

You might end up thinking
there is something wrong with you
for feeling so sad.
You might end up feeling
ashamed for your normal and
natural emotional reactions
to the death of your pet.

Some common responses to pet loss are:

reduced concentration


changes in sleep and eating

grief bursts.

We connect deeply with our pets
in ways that are different
than with the humans in our lives.

These cherished connections
need to be honored and grieved.

I get it. Truly, I do.


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