Newly Bereaved

Your loved one has died.

It may be a parent, child, partner-spouse, relative or friend.

Your heart is breaking.

It feels like your life has gone up in flames.

You’re shocked. You’re barely making it through the day.

Your mind is busy with all the things that need to be done;

Yet, it’s hard to focus. You forget things.

You sleep too much. You can’t sleep at all. You’re exhausted.

You wonder if you’ll ever stop crying. Or start.

You’re afraid you’re going crazy.

Everything is changed. Nothing feels okay.

You can’t imagine going on without them.

You’re not sure how you’ll survive.


I can help you get through these early days, weeks and months.

I can help you grieve and go on living, step by step.

I can help you deal with the new changes in your life.

Email me.

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